Make Halloween Decorations Fun – 7 Decoration Tips to Follow

Everybody won’t miss out the fun of Halloween in their African Home. So, why not prepare for it early? Make Halloween decorations simple and easy with the use of inexpensive materials combined with your little creativity. Here’s how;

  • Halloween Wreath

Let the visitors feel the Halloween season starting at your front door. The Halloween wreath can do all the tricks.  Make a black wreath and hang on the front door to welcome guests. You can create wreath using fabric scraps and glued them on the Styrofoam. Decorate this with a spooky poem that could greet you once you knock the door.

  • Halloween Candy Corn

Candy corn is popular during Halloween. Why not put them in decorations? Get a Styrofoam wrap it in orange, yellow, and white yarn. This task does not require glue and a great work for kids. You can wrap it while watching your favorite television shows. Make a lot of   candy corn decorations so that you can display it at the top of the table and in the center table located in your dining room.

  • Pumpkin Sequins

Buy sequins from the nearby home store. It is best if you buy assorted colors. Spread the glue all over the pumpkin and sprinkle the sequence all around the pumpkin. To a more appealing look, you can use a paintbrush to spread out the glue over the pumpkin and simply decorate it as you want. You can go for many pumpkins as you want.

  •  Create a Witch Clothesline

Do you know that witches also do the laundry? So, to make your home a little creepy, create a witch’s clothesline. You can make small clothes out of felt paper then adorn with buttons that looks like real witch clothes.  Hang these pretty witch clothes like a traditional garland. In fact, you can hang them in your windows, mantel, and in the laundry area.

  • Create Spooky Luminaries

Spooky luminaries are fun.  To do them, get some empty bottles or clear containers. Wrap the containers in white paper or crepe paper. You can introduce this project to kids.  Secure the end of the paper using a tape.  Create wiggle eyes and put a battery operated small light inside the container. You can also use orange crepe paper for a pumpkin look alike or perhaps some small creepy creatures.

  • Lit Black Candles

In case you could not find black candles in stores around your place, you can create one. Buy white candles and paint it in black color. Then lit them and put at the top of the dining table in some corner of your home.

  •  Glow-in-the-dark Ghost

The glow-in-the-dark ghost can illuminate the whole area of your yard on Halloween. Find a plastic ornamental decoration, white cloth, battery, bulb, and glow sticks.  Wrap the plastic ornamental decoration with white cloth. Insert the stick glow. But if you do not have a stick glow, you can use bulbs that are battery operated to glow the homemade ghost. Make the eyes by cutting a black cloth and paste it in the container. Then, hang the ghost in your yard.

Enjoy the Halloween in your African home this year.

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