8 Great Ways to Improve Air Quality At Home

Inhaling clean air at home is healthy for the whole family. If you want a healthy living, check several hot spots and take several great ways to improve air quality at home. 1.  Check the [...]

Property Transfer Guidelines in South Africa

In Cape town, the most inconvenience and considered a big problem that most home buyers are facing is the property transfer.  This is due to the delays of the city department.  The process of the [...]

Everybody won’t miss out the fun of Halloween in their African Home. So, why not prepare for it early? Make Halloween decorations simple and easy with the use of inexpensive materials combined with your little [...]

Want to give a face lift on your outdated kitchen?  The small kitchen makeovers will show how outdated kitchen transform into a modern look for less than R1000.  All you have to do is to [...]

More Blacks Own Luxury Homes in Cape Town

In South Africa, most blacks own luxury properties in Cape Town  ten years ago. However today, the total home ownership stays at the low level according to the study. At least 7.8 luxury homes are [...]

How to Cope with Disruptive Neighbor – General Advice

Everybody is allowed to live in their home peacefully regardless of the location, whether renting or perhaps owning a property. You are not assumed to tolerate extreme noise, verbal or perhaps physical abuse from the [...]