Great Tips for First Time Property Buyer

Are you a first time property buyer in South Africa? Well, being a first timer to buy properties can be an exciting and daunting experience. However, the huge decision of buying a property brings bigger [...]

First-Time House Buyer Home Loan Advice

If you have already decided to buy your very first home, the SA home loans are here to help you in every step of this fun venture! Buying a new house can be a huge [...]

The Unique Home Preference of Younger Generation

Did you know that young generation today have their home preference? Due to busy schedules of young people in the south, they want their homes free from any renovations as possible. That is their unique [...]

buy a house

3 Amazing Tips to Buy a House

Before making up your mind to buy a house in South Africa, below are some amazing tips from the experts that can help you when buying a property to avoid property pitfalls. Buying a property [...]

Homes for Rent

How to Find Homes for Rent in South Africa?

If you want to visit South Africa this season for a vacation, there are lots of homes for rent that are affordable to the budget. One way to have a comfortable stay to that place [...]

Effects of Home Buying

The Effects of Home Buying in the Digital Age

First time home buyers are now flooded in the market and most of these people are in their mid 30s. In this idea, it is clear that home buying in South Africa is almost driven [...]