5 Extra Costs When Buying a House in South Africa

Planning to get a property? There are extra costs when buying a house in South Africa. To be safe, before signing the preliminary contract, make a rigid examination regarding the average closing costs for buyer [...]

Self-Employed Home Buying Guide

If you are a self employed individual, it is hard and trickier to purchase a new home. Although the business shows that you are a responsible and self-reliant, but the lack of definite income from [...]

Facts about Home Buying In South Africa

Home buying in South Africa is daunting. Before buying a house, condo units, apartments, or any types of residential properties, it is important to consider your needs first. Usually, you will end up falling in [...]

Although buying a new property can be both exciting and stressful, there are still lots of factors that prospect buyers must take into consideration. Before making a speedy decision that could often lead to costly [...]

Are you planning to buy  property like complex, condo unit, or perhaps a free standing house in this lovely country named South Africa? If yes, then you must  be cautious about the different alternatives available [...]

Making a decision to build or buy a home includes lots of planning. There are many choices of issues to be considered and it’s not an easy endeavor. Building a new home for the whole [...]