8 Great Ways to Improve Air Quality At Home

Inhaling clean air at home is healthy for the whole family. If you want a healthy living, check several hot spots and take several great ways to improve air quality at home.

1.  Check the Front Door

Place a sturdy door mat at the front door to scrape dirt from sleepers and shoes before it sets in. Better to position the mat vertically rather than horizontally so anybody who enters the house can step on it many times.

2.  Do Not Use Lead Paint

Inhaling and ingesting flakes and dust from lead paint over time can damage the brain. If you think that paint that you use at home contains lead, then do not continue using it. However, if the house you bought use lead paint on the walls, hire a skilled and a specialist person to remove and change it.

3.  Be Careful of Household Cleansers, Solvents, Paints, and Pesticides

Pesticides, cleansers, paints, and solvents are dangerous to use at home. To avoid using them, check and choose biodegradable, and detergent based products in your home that are labeled non-flammable and not harmful.

4.  Close Windows

Often close the windows so that dust particles will not enter the home. However, there are instances that you need to open some windows to let out the fumes caused by household cleansing products. This can also lessen the breeding moisture of mold and unsafe gases. If you are suffering from allergy, purchase air cleanser to keep you safe. To get rid of tobacco smoke, using air purifiers can absolutely help and can activate carbon filter.

5.  Choose Hardwood or Metal Cabinets and Furniture

Plywood and other particle boards are called pressed-wood products. These products are constructed as furniture, shelving, cabinets, paneling, and many more. These wood products are assembled with the use of formaldehyde adhesives and glues. In fact, formaldehyde can cause respiratory tract irritation and can trigger allergic reactions to people. It is better to buy cabinets and home furniture made of hardwood and metal.

6.  Avoid Using Fireplace and Wood Stoves

Fireplace and wood stoves can be harmful because they produce toxic and by-products combustion. These can harm the environment that can cause ash particles causing asthma to attack. Burning firewood can cause mold spores.

7.  Beware of Air Conditioners

Window models and central air condition units can cause mold, especially if not used often. To avoid this to happen, always empty the trays and replace the filters.

8.  Do not Smoke Inside Your Home

One of the causes of indoor pollution is cigarette smoking. The smoke contains many harmful chemicals and second hand smoking can lead to respiratory infection, cancer, and asthma especially to children. For African smokers, the addiction can cause problems with breathing, cancer, heart attack, and even stroke. Buy air quality sensor because this can help monitor the quality of air inside your home. It automatically turns on the fan when it senses tobacco smoke, toilet odor, and any kind of smell.

If you are planning to stop smoking, there are many ways that could help you like support groups, medication, and therapy. Get support from family, friends, fellow quitters and also guidance counselors. Think positive and attain your goal to quit smoking.

Air quality monitoring at home must be done to make sure that everyone breathes clean air.

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